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  • Whether it’s for a quick upper lip fix or a full Brazilian, there are a few things you should always consider when planning to wax any part of your body. To help you out, we've listed a few tips to make your waxing experience more enjoyable and efficient. 

    1) Book with a professional
    This tip is especially important for first-timers. Believe it or not, a wax isn’t as simple as a strip and a rip. Aestheticians are professionals who are trained to wax with utmost safety, speed, and precision. 

    2) Be informed
    Do not book a waxing service if you are taking (within the last year) Accutane, Retinol A or any medication that increases skin sensitivity. Also, if pain tolerance isn’t your strong suit, try to avoid booking a waxing service right before or during menstruation (many women report feeling more sensitive to pain during this time of the month).

    3) Be prepared
    For best results, the length of the hair to be removed should be 5 - 10 mm (about ¼ inch). If hair is shorter than this, the wax may not be able to grab all of the hairs, leaving stragglers and prickly areas behind. Also, don’t forget to wear loose clothing because your skin will need to breathe and will be sensitive to heavy or tight garments rubbing against it. 

    4) Exfoliate
    During the weeks leading up to your waxing treatment, we suggest exfoliating the area with an exfoliating scrub (salt or sugar scrubs work fantastic on the body) approximately 2-3 times per week. This helps to remove dead, dry skin cells while loosening hairs that may be trapped under the skin. 

    5) Moisturize
    Apply moisturizer to the area the night before and the morning of the treatment. This will help prevent the wax from sticking to dry skin patches, which can leave behind red, painful marks. 

    6) After care
    Avoid working out or showering, bathing, or tanning immediately before or within 24 hrs after your waxing treatment to avoid irritation and/or infection. This is not optional. Trust us on this one. 

    We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your waxing service. Now that you're informed and prepared, you can enjoy the stress-free benefits of waxing. Feel free to print this off as a check-list for future appointments. For more information on waxing services at Sante Spa, click here. Happy waxing! 

    To book a wax at Sante Spa, click here.
  • During a recent Facebook contest, we asked our followers to enter into a draw for a chance to win free spa dollars. One of the entry requirements was to comment, telling us why they wanted to win.

    As we read through the hundreds of cute, touching, and funny comments, there was one trend that we couldn’t help but notice: a surprisingly common reason participants wanted to win was because they had never been to a spa before. Gasp! Not once, not ever?!

    It got us thinking about reasons why. Time? Cost? Too busy caring for others? In today’s hustle-bustle society, everyone seems to be running around from one thing to another, trying to keep up with work, kids, groceries, etc.

    However, there has been a shift in consciousness when it comes to taking care of our minds and bodies. People are beginning to prioritize activities that improve and nurture their personal development, health, and wellness. Spending time outdoors, working out, doing yoga, hiking, reading books, and learning to meditate are some of the ways we are finding solace in this crazy experience we call life.

    Somewhere in the mix, it seems that allowing ourselves to escape to the spa – even for just an hour or two hasn’t always made the cut. But maybe it should, and here are four reasons why:

    Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    Getting a massage, a facial, or even relaxing in a mineral pool are fantastic ways to alleviate stress, sooth aches and pains, loosen stiff muscles, and rejuvenate a tired mind and body. When you incorporate the additional benefits of aromatherapy and a tranquil atmosphere, mental stress begins to fade while endorphins – the brain’s “feel good” chemicals are released.

    Stimulate Blood Circulation
    Facials and massages not only feel good, they do good too. Improving blood circulation increases the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the skin and muscles, which has a healing and regenerating effect. As a bonus, using naturally-based products with essential oils will keep the skin nourished and hydrated.

    Improve Skin Texture and Appearance
    Whether it’s an exfoliating body treatment or an anti-aging facial, treatments that are designed to improve and maintain the health of your skin will allow you to look and feel better longer – especially when done regularly and maintained with proper skin care between treatments.

    Now, if you're feeling ready to finally book some pampering for yourself for the very first time, click here to view our available appointments. Your mind and body will thank you.

  • According to a recent survey by digital offers site, 74% of Canadians in a relationship agree they do not care about receiving material gifts on Valentine’s Day - which explains the growing trend of giving the gift of an "experience" over "stuff." 

    If a romantic spa day is something you and your Valentine would enjoy experiencing as a couple, we’ve designed a list of couple’s experiences at Sante Spa that are sure to bring you closer together as you relax side-by-side. Once you've decided on the package that is perfect for you, we'll help you send a little hint to tell your sweetheart exactly how to win your heart on February 14th.

    B.C. Beach Stone Massage
    Through hot stone therapy, enjoy the warmth and pressure of smooth stones gliding across your skin. Relax and de-stress while the stones release muscle tension all over the body. (1 hr 10 min - $165 per person)

    Coast to Clouds Escape
    This package is the perfect retreat to share with someone special. Unwind together with a refreshing foot soak in front of the fireplace in our Crystal Suite. Continue your experience with a rejuvenating full body exfoliation followed by a Citrus Soak in the jetted soaking tub. After your soak, slip away to the clouds with a full body relaxation massage. (2 hrs - $245 per person)

    Goldstream Hikers Reprieve
    Start with a stunning customized guided hike through Goldstream Provincial Park. Return to Sante Spa and enjoy a refreshing drink and lunch. Revitalize in our Therapeutic Mineral Pool followed by your choice of an Elements Mountain Massage or Customized Facial. After your treatment, relax in the Forest Lounge or Terrace on the Mountain and reflect upon your day. ($237 per person)

    Yoga + Spa
    This customized private one-hour yoga session will be followed by a Therapeutic Mineral Pool soak, a one-hour Deep Flow Massage, and your choice of spa cuisine. ($193 per person)

    If a spa day is the treat you're craving for this Valentine's Day, allow us to help by sending your Valentine a sweet and subtle hint email!

    Click here to send your Valentine's Day "gift hint."

    For more information or to book a couple's experience, call (250) 391-3920.