Indulge your senses with lavender-infused hot towels, heated treatment tables, plush duvets and warm massage oil - our spa therapists will customize your massage experience.
Qualifying massage treatments performed by Registered Massage Therapists are available upon request. Please consult your insurance benefit plan for eligibility requirements.
Massage Enhancements - $25 Each

Aromatherapy Massage
Enhance your massage experience
 with your choice of Essential Oil Blend added to your massage.  This full body application will give you added therapeutic benefit from the essential oils penetrating the skin.  Choose from options such as Immune Boost, Calming Lavender, Uplifting Citrus or Grounding Woodlands Blends.

Balancing Foot Treatment
Complete your treatment with a warm stone massage of the feet and calves while a healing hand and foot cream restore dry, tired feet.

Heated Jade Stone Back Treatment
Relieve tension as warm stones massage the back, soothing the soul and melting away stress

Gemstone Energy Massage
A soothing upper body massage followed by a full body Gemstone placement and Reiki treatment. The Reiki treatment includes; hand placements while gemstones are placed on the seven main energy centers (chakras). Essential oils help to ground the spirit as your therapist restores and balances your body’s natural energy. This treatment creates a stillness and tranquility in the mind while the body’s nervous system is soothed with relaxing techniques.

1 hr 30 min — $190

Elements Mountain Massage
Sensory and indigenous inspired rituals are integrated for a rejuvenating massage experience. Begins with a clearing sage smudge, foot scrub and purifying foot bath. A soothing full-body massage commences while B.C. Jade stones are placed on energy pathways. Essential oils ground the spirit as your mind and muscles are relaxed.

1 hr 15 min — $165


B.C. Beach Stone Massage
This soothing massage with heated stones and warm oil melts tension away. Stone placement on your body’s energy centres and inhalations of essential oils infuses a deep sense of relaxation, helping relieve tension and stress from muscles while improving circulation.

1 hr 10 min — $165


Deep Flow Massage
Deep flow massage merges relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques. This deep style of massage uses firmer, localized pressure, typically focusing on specific areas of tension in the body. Ideal for relaxing tense muscles and helping relieve muscle strain. Appropriate for anyone looking for deeper and specific muscular work combined with relaxation techniques.

60 min — $139
1 hr 30 min — $195
Relaxation Massage

Throughout the ages, relaxation massage has been used to help ease the mind, heal the body and renew the spirit. Using gentle to medium pressure and effleurage movements, this massage will assist in easing tense muscles and increasing circulation – relaxing your body with a sense of overall well-being.

60 min — $130
1 hr 30 min — $185


Prenatal Massage
Reduce the aches and discomfort of pregnancy with a massage. A supportive pregnancy pillow is used to ensure comfort and relief from the stress and strain experienced by expectant mothers. Skin nourishing Cocoa Butter is applied to the hip and stomach areas. (Performed only after first trimester)

60 min — $135

New Mom's Rejuvenating Massage
All the benefits of a relaxation massage using Cocoa Butter help improve the skin’s natural rejuvenating ability. This treatment can assist in decreasing the appearance of stretch marks.

60 min — $135