Chemical Peels

When will I see results with a chemical peel?
your skin will look and feel better immediately after a treatment.
if you are acne prone a maintenance program will help to keep
the pores unclogged.

What will I look like right after treatment, and what will the down time be?
Generally, the skin may look slightly pink for up to an hour after the treatment. 100% Mineral powder can be used after the treatment. you will need to increase your use of moisturizers after the treatment period as your skin will temporarily be slightly drier. Be sure to use mineral sunscreen every morning. a series of 6 treatments is recommended for optimal results and then once per month for maintenance.


Medical Skin Analysis

Our professional skin consultation provides you with the opportunity to discuss your specific skincare needs in greater depth with our experienced Medical aesthetician. Together we will assess which treatment is right for you. A skin assessment provides a digital facial portrait, indicating areas of wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, surface scarring and sun damage.

Complimentary Consultation 30 minutes   (Credit Card required to hold booking)
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NuFACE Fit Facial

Treat   your   skin  right   with  an   advanced   treatment. This facial workout begins  with a cleanse  and  deep exfoliation using an AHA and BHA chemical peel to help refresh clarity in the skin.  Then the rejuvenation begins with the NuFACE micro current device (a low level, soft wave  therapy)  that helps  stimulate collagen production to restore tone to the skin.  Finish with a deep hydrating treatment and  powerful anti-oxidant  protection.

75  mins $165
nuFace home device is recommended for maintenance and best results. Regular use will help tone, firm and  lift the skin.