Healthy Wave Mat (pemf/fir)

Healthy Wave Mat
Our Healthy wave mat includes Far Infrared heat (fir), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (pemf), Negative Ion Therapy and Crystal Therapy.  Our 4 Therapy mat can be included in some massage sessions, or it can be booked as it's own solitude session. 

This technology:   
                            -Reduces pain
                            -Improves circulation
                            -Reduces stress
                            -May improve sleep
                            -Helps strengthen immune system 


PEMF Far Infrared Massage Sessions
(must be booked ahead of time) 
Upgrade your 60 minute massage to include the pemf/fir mat- add $35  
*May be added to relaxation or therapeutic flow massage 
*Excludes RMT treatments 

Solitude PEMF/Far Infrared Session ($25) for 20 minutes
Rest, relax and regenerate in solitude on our Healthywave mat. You can enjoy a mindful relaxation on the pemf/fir mat as it's own treatment.
10x 20 minute mat session package- 15% savings     


As seen on Dr. Oz